Another year gone by 

I guess I figure my Facebook posts and Instagram photos say it all so I’m not sure why I blog. Well I don’t blog as is evidenced by the fact that it only happens every 18 months to two years. So the real question is why the blog ?!


2 years – almost to the date

The last blog post was 2 years ago Valentine’s Day – Holy Hannah time flies! So much has happened – too much has happened to write a blog post. I always kind of think of Facebook as my journal and wish there was a print out button of all my posts. But there is something to be said for adding your thoughts and feelings to the events in our lives and so I am going to try again. Even if no one else reads it, I will have the experience of connecting the dots in my own life.
There is always something big going on in our lives that seem to consume our thoughts and choices that it is easy to forget the little day to day things that actually shape our lives. One really cool thing that I MUST write own happened to Jackson the other night. He came home from school not feeling very good. It seemed to just get worse. He even skipped dinner and Jack NEVER misses food! He asked me, “Mom is there anyone who can give me a blessing?”
I had to sadly reply, “No, sorry honey. I don’t know anyone here and Grandpa is far away. Do you want to pray with me?”
He said, “I have been praying Mom.”
We decided to go lay down on his bed. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. I could hear Art talking but couldn’t figure out who he was talking to. Ben came in and told us that the missionaries were here. Jackson asked, “Mom can they give me a blessing?” “Let’s go ask!”
I said to these 2 young men, “I think someone has prayed you here.” Jackson proceeded to tell them his story. But this is where it really gets cool! One of the 2 is brand new to Herriman, Elder Villareal. He told Jackson, “It’s a Monday night and we didn’t know where to go or what to do. With FHE and such we never have much to do on a Monday night. So we got in the car and prayed. Your street came clearly to both of our minds. We didn’t know what we were supposed to do or why we were on your street so we just started knocking on doors.” I said to Jackson, “Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers.” This Elder gave Jackson a beautiful blessing. The next day Jackson felt better and came into me and said, “Mom, that is the story I am going tell when I go on my mission.” What an amazing event for him and me. To have the God of all the universe hear my little boys prayer of faith and respond is awe-inspiring and fills my heart with love and gratitude.

Happy Heart Day

It is Valentine’s Day and here I sit working on my blog – Sigh! It was actually a fine day – but Art (my Valentine) is off at a school meeting and so a single lady I am! Plus I am putting off mopping my floor and being a responsible parent.

AM: Heart shaped pancakes, heart shaped eggs, and strawberries. A small stuffed animal for each boy.

Midday: Date with Ben and Linc to Carl’s Jr. School parties for Alex and Jack.

PM: Red pasta under red sauce, red 7-up, red placements, V-Day notes to each boy, and their giant heart cookie for dessert. Angry birds for fun (them, not me).

My boys were such gentlemen to me today and for that I am grateful.

I also ended up with a nasty burn on my foot from the heart eggs!

Other news:

Max got snipped. According to the boys he is no longer a boy 🙂 The best part was watching him deal with that dumb cone! Too funny!

I am officially the 1st counselor in the RS. And for now still teaching Gospel Doctrine (which I love and will be sad when I am released.)

 The other day Linc and Jack built the coolest fort ever. The connected it to the front door and went 2 sheets wide. It was really cool.

Lincoln lost his first tooth and got $2 from the tooth fairy.

 Ben earned the rank of Scout and is working on getting his tenderfoot and other things – he participated in his first Court of Honor.

I think that’s it for now! Love to you all!!!

“Angry” Night for Alex

It was the annual Cub Scout Dad/Son Cake Bake (aka Mom I need a really cool looking cake tonight). Alex changed his mind like 100 times and settled on the Red Angry bird – thinking it would be the only one – nope the brown and yellow were also represented – Oh well. His turned out cute I think.


He did about 60% of the work. He did do ALL the frosting! We used peeps for the beek, but the other angry bird cake has orange slices (candy) and they worked way better and prob easier, but lessons learned.

He was very proud of his cake and a lot of the other kids commented on how cool it was – which we all know is pretty important!

He had another reason to celebrate- he recieved his Bear Award and advanced to Webelos.

After he pinned my pin on my lanyard, I gave him a big smooch! He gave a huge UGH groan to show his comlete embarrasment! Classic!

Adios 2011 – Our Year in Review (well past 3 mos)

As usual I am WAY behind the power curve! But I wanted to get my year reviewed before June – so here I sit – amid chaos!

Even more chaos than the usual as we have a baby in the house again – of the dog variety 🙂 Santa brought Lincoln a puppy for Christmas. His name is Max and he really is a cutie (but still a puppy – aka a terror)! He is actually a very fast learner – some good!

Max at abt 4 mo

New Year’s Eve was really rockin! We went out to Subway, watched movies, blew horns, and wore hats, and just hung out having fun! At midnight, Art and I went outside to watch the fireworks from the strip – they were amazing! 8 mins worth shooting off the roof tops of 8 different hotels. The finale was booming us on our street – I can imagine what it would have been like down there.

Look out 2012!

Christmas found us in Utah – hoping for a white one – but no snow AT ALL! Total bummer! It was as brown as Vegas.

Even though there was no snow, Temple Square was as beautiful as always!

But we had fun with great friends and family. Everyone was spoiled and I think got what they wanted!

Ben is really into XBox and Batman – so he got a Batman video game and cheater book. Plus the newest Diary of a Whimpy Kid and cool activity book.

Arkham City guide


Alex is super into football. So he got a football, a football jersey, a football book, and a sports Kinect game.

Steelers jersey to add to his collection


Lincoln got a dog! He is a great doggie-daddy! Plus he got a book, a video game, and a stuffie.

With the panda stuffie he asked for

Jack is our resident artist and all around crafty guy! Santa brought him a bunch of arts and crafts stuff (so he would quit cutting up my stuff!) and he got a video game, Harold and the Purple Crayon (my favorite kids book), and something else – but I am blank!

Just happy with whatever that is he has 🙂

Of course they all got a ton of stuff from each other, grandma & grandpa, uncles & aunts, and cousins. The Nerf assult guns were a huge hit!

Speaking of Jack’s craftiness He is addicted to cutting things! We have had to ban him from scissors! The other day he cut his BRAND NEW shoes shoelaces OFF! I had to duct tape what I could salvage to get them to stay attached to the shoe! Yes, I know I could go buy more shoelaces – but he cut them because he didn’t want the laces. So really – why would I?  His new nick name is Jackson Scissorhands 🙂 We did – I mean Santa – brought him yarn so he can cut, cut, cut til his little heart is content!

Fun! He was actually really happy to get it.


Alex turned 10! WOW! Time flies…cant remember if I did a blog post or just a Fscebook – so sorry if its doubled.

Birthday doughnut tradition - football themeOpening gifts - and yes that is a pencil box you see - he wanted one


Alex picked bowling for his event - after a pizza buffet for lunchA giant PB cookie with choc frosting for his cake to end the day