Adios 2011 – Our Year in Review (well past 3 mos)

As usual I am WAY behind the power curve! But I wanted to get my year reviewed before June – so here I sit – amid chaos!

Even more chaos than the usual as we have a baby in the house again – of the dog variety 🙂 Santa brought Lincoln a puppy for Christmas. His name is Max and he really is a cutie (but still a puppy – aka a terror)! He is actually a very fast learner – some good!

Max at abt 4 mo

New Year’s Eve was really rockin! We went out to Subway, watched movies, blew horns, and wore hats, and just hung out having fun! At midnight, Art and I went outside to watch the fireworks from the strip – they were amazing! 8 mins worth shooting off the roof tops of 8 different hotels. The finale was booming us on our street – I can imagine what it would have been like down there.

Look out 2012!

Christmas found us in Utah – hoping for a white one – but no snow AT ALL! Total bummer! It was as brown as Vegas.

Even though there was no snow, Temple Square was as beautiful as always!

But we had fun with great friends and family. Everyone was spoiled and I think got what they wanted!

Ben is really into XBox and Batman – so he got a Batman video game and cheater book. Plus the newest Diary of a Whimpy Kid and cool activity book.

Arkham City guide


Alex is super into football. So he got a football, a football jersey, a football book, and a sports Kinect game.

Steelers jersey to add to his collection


Lincoln got a dog! He is a great doggie-daddy! Plus he got a book, a video game, and a stuffie.

With the panda stuffie he asked for

Jack is our resident artist and all around crafty guy! Santa brought him a bunch of arts and crafts stuff (so he would quit cutting up my stuff!) and he got a video game, Harold and the Purple Crayon (my favorite kids book), and something else – but I am blank!

Just happy with whatever that is he has 🙂

Of course they all got a ton of stuff from each other, grandma & grandpa, uncles & aunts, and cousins. The Nerf assult guns were a huge hit!

Speaking of Jack’s craftiness He is addicted to cutting things! We have had to ban him from scissors! The other day he cut his BRAND NEW shoes shoelaces OFF! I had to duct tape what I could salvage to get them to stay attached to the shoe! Yes, I know I could go buy more shoelaces – but he cut them because he didn’t want the laces. So really – why would I?  His new nick name is Jackson Scissorhands 🙂 We did – I mean Santa – brought him yarn so he can cut, cut, cut til his little heart is content!

Fun! He was actually really happy to get it.


Alex turned 10! WOW! Time flies…cant remember if I did a blog post or just a Fscebook – so sorry if its doubled.

Birthday doughnut tradition - football themeOpening gifts - and yes that is a pencil box you see - he wanted one


Alex picked bowling for his event - after a pizza buffet for lunchA giant PB cookie with choc frosting for his cake to end the day