2 years – almost to the date

The last blog post was 2 years ago Valentine’s Day – Holy Hannah time flies! So much has happened – too much has happened to write a blog post. I always kind of think of Facebook as my journal and wish there was a print out button of all my posts. But there is something to be said for adding your thoughts and feelings to the events in our lives and so I am going to try again. Even if no one else reads it, I will have the experience of connecting the dots in my own life.
There is always something big going on in our lives that seem to consume our thoughts and choices that it is easy to forget the little day to day things that actually shape our lives. One really cool thing that I MUST write own happened to Jackson the other night. He came home from school not feeling very good. It seemed to just get worse. He even skipped dinner and Jack NEVER misses food! He asked me, “Mom is there anyone who can give me a blessing?”
I had to sadly reply, “No, sorry honey. I don’t know anyone here and Grandpa is far away. Do you want to pray with me?”
He said, “I have been praying Mom.”
We decided to go lay down on his bed. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. I could hear Art talking but couldn’t figure out who he was talking to. Ben came in and told us that the missionaries were here. Jackson asked, “Mom can they give me a blessing?” “Let’s go ask!”
I said to these 2 young men, “I think someone has prayed you here.” Jackson proceeded to tell them his story. But this is where it really gets cool! One of the 2 is brand new to Herriman, Elder Villareal. He told Jackson, “It’s a Monday night and we didn’t know where to go or what to do. With FHE and such we never have much to do on a Monday night. So we got in the car and prayed. Your street came clearly to both of our minds. We didn’t know what we were supposed to do or why we were on your street so we just started knocking on doors.” I said to Jackson, “Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers.” This Elder gave Jackson a beautiful blessing. The next day Jackson felt better and came into me and said, “Mom, that is the story I am going tell when I go on my mission.” What an amazing event for him and me. To have the God of all the universe hear my little boys prayer of faith and respond is awe-inspiring and fills my heart with love and gratitude.


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