Happy Heart Day

It is Valentine’s Day and here I sit working on my blog – Sigh! It was actually a fine day – but Art (my Valentine) is off at a school meeting and so a single lady I am! Plus I am putting off mopping my floor and being a responsible parent.

AM: Heart shaped pancakes, heart shaped eggs, and strawberries. A small stuffed animal for each boy.

Midday: Date with Ben and Linc to Carl’s Jr. School parties for Alex and Jack.

PM: Red pasta under red sauce, red 7-up, red placements, V-Day notes to each boy, and their giant heart cookie for dessert. Angry birds for fun (them, not me).

My boys were such gentlemen to me today and for that I am grateful.

I also ended up with a nasty burn on my foot from the heart eggs!

Other news:

Max got snipped. According to the boys he is no longer a boy 🙂 The best part was watching him deal with that dumb cone! Too funny!

I am officially the 1st counselor in the RS. And for now still teaching Gospel Doctrine (which I love and will be sad when I am released.)

 The other day Linc and Jack built the coolest fort ever. The connected it to the front door and went 2 sheets wide. It was really cool.

Lincoln lost his first tooth and got $2 from the tooth fairy.

 Ben earned the rank of Scout and is working on getting his tenderfoot and other things – he participated in his first Court of Honor.

I think that’s it for now! Love to you all!!!


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