Ok so my aspirations of being a marathoner are quickly fading. Ran twice last week. Now my bum knee doesn’t just hurt on the back, but now on the side. Toes on my right foot hurt. Then Sunday evening I caught my baby toe on the door frame – AHHHHHH! That hurts SO bad! I actually think it is broken – hurts down the side of my foot. I was rolling around on the floor in tears it hurt SO bad! I CAN’T WIN!

So yesterday I did Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures for some type of workout. Today I am going on a bike ride. I AM NOT QUITTING – but MY WORD! You would think  my body would cooperate a little better!

As for my weight loss –  not much better than my exercising I was down four lbs, now I am back up 2. So really!? I will keep plugging away. Trying not to be miserable!


One response to “26.2 YAH RIGHT

  1. There’s no whining in marathon training! Don’t worry…it get’s better. You just have to stay with it! If training for a marathon were easy than more than 1% of the world’s population would do it! But they don’t because it’s hard! It will be worth it!

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