Need Opinion, plus a few fun events!

Okay so first with the “need opinion” part: I already asked about the color and the overall consensus was RED and so I dyed my hair red. I needed to not spend the money so I did it myself. I used to dye my hair all the time. Notice a problem?

Current hair as of 5 pm on Sat 2/26

Exactly – it is not red!!!! At least the grey is gone! But now I am in a dilemma! I thought the new color would satisfy my hair boredom – thought wrong! I want to change my hair and don’t know what to do!

I am SO bored with my boring hair. I have been trying the whole longish, mid part wavy hair look but it just always looks like I haven’t done anything with it. Tonight I did the USUAL side part thing. And it has been just a plain, ugly brown. Now it is brown with a tint of auburn – get back Loretta!

Art thinks I should go glossy black! Opinions on that? Also I want to cut my hair!!!!

So here are some of the styles I am thinking of. Please VOTE for your favorite style and let me know if you think I should try again for red, go black, or stay with what I have- IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER –

#1 - Long bang, center part with highlights angled against face


#2 I am thinking in red

#3 this cut but maybe a little bit longer all the way around and this color red for sure

#4 Betty Page Bangs - leaving my hair abouth the same just adding her rounded bang

Me trying out a betty page bang - is NOT cut - just pinned back to get an idea

Just another shot of the Betty Page bangs

#5 adding long bangs to mylongish hair - they would start high like this pic

Obviously I want to add bangs 🙂 Option 6 is to do nothing and just let it grow more. Option 7 is to buy a bang hair clip in piece and/or long clip in extensions.

So you know – I am BAD about maintenance – I don’t mind doing my hair – although I wear it up a lot cuz I don’t like it on the back of my neck – and I am really too cheap to maintain a hairstyle – but I really like hair styles – then again I like having variety – but I really liked my hair short cuz it was fast and easy and always looked done – then again I didn’t feel very womenly – like long hair does – and I thought I looked older and I need NO help in that department these days – okay so knowing ALL that – help me pick my new hair style…

so comment on this post and VOTE please!!! or send me a post on FB with the number of your vote- either way I want your HONEST opinion – except about my pic!  Thanks in advance.

Now for the few fun events –

Alex got his glasses finally! He has to wear them all the time! I think they look great on him!

Such a handsome boy!

Then Thursday afternoon my boys were outside playing – which they can do cause it is in the high 50’s here and Ben decided to use the hose bib in the back yard to launch himself to the roof line.  You can guess what happened next….

“Mom! You better come out here!”

This is a top down view of what used to be a straight pipe!

Water was spraying everywhere – this is happening as I am trying to make dinner, right after I had worked out! UGH!

As you can see they are not designed to be used as launching pads!

Their timing always sucks! We had to shut the water off at the street. No water is really a pain! All of a sudden I realized how much I use water! So we haul some water in from the garage to get a through!

 I make the dreaded call to our landlord – oh what a relief to get the voicemail. She called me back chuckling! WHEW! BUT – the guy couldn’t come fix it until Friday.  So around 5 pm Friday he shows up and gets it fixed by about 6pm. I was so gross by then! Right after he left I got in the shower! It felt SO good! Poor Ben felt so bad he gave me all his money left over from his V-day gift – $4.  He wanted to make it right. Bless his heart! I have it stashed away to take him out for a treat in a few days.


One response to “Need Opinion, plus a few fun events!

  1. #3 but long!!!!!! over the shoulders!! not straight bang or betty page… trust me! Give yourself as many options as possible. but the red is great!

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