Happy Veteran’s Day

As part of Art’s MSW program, he spends 10+ hours a week interning at a shelter of sorts called U.S. Vets. U.S. Vets is a comprehensive program designed to get vets off the streets and back to work. They get housing, food, enrolled in the VA system for medical, drug treatment, mental health services, and training to get back into the work-force. It is a pretty neat program. He goes out into the “field” and looks for homeless vets to bring in. A lot of the time they just visit with homeless vets, give em water, and info.

Well as yesterday was Veteran’s Day and Art and I are both Vets, we got to march in the Las Vegas Veteran’s Day Parade. There were over 130 floats that participated. As a family, we marched with the US Vets float. There were about 20-25 of the Vets from the program that marched also. The streets were packed with people, many holding signs saying “Thanks to Vets” and “Never Forget” . The parade got lots of media coverage. It was cool for these vets to feel appreciated and a part of society again. So many of them have been checked out for so long they are just now learning that people don’t hate Vets anymore! And our Iraq/Afghanistan Vets are having a hard time coming back – even with all the support. Reach out if you can! Here are some photos of our fun day!


One response to “Happy Veteran’s Day

  1. That is so neat Cisneros. Las Vegas is treating you good. It was great to see you guys. We are so grateful for the friendship we have even when visits are far and few between.

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