Here Piggie, Piggie!

Ok so I admit I like to eat! I think it is in my genes – and now my jeans! My father’s famous line is “eat til your tired!” Well, I did just that.

There is a hamburger stand we found here in Vegas- called Fatburger!

The last great hamburger stand!

The name just gets right down to it huh! Any hoo- they have the XXX challenge – totally Vegas – and each time we go in – really only been there 3 other times – honest – the boys ask me to try it! They know their Mom! I already admitted I like to eat – and I CAN eat A LOT because I eat so fast I shovel it all in before my brain knows to stop me!

So the other night I had NO desire to cook and fish was on the menu so I really wanted to get out of it – don’t get me wrong I really like fish but I gotta be in the mood for it. Tuesday I was so NOT in the mood – so we went to Fatburger. And somehow while ordering  I accepted the XXX challenge.

I think the photos speak for themselves!

24 oz!!

The first bite was the hardest - I couldn't get my mouth open wide enough to take a normal bite!

Sadly less than 10 min :0

And now I am one of only two women on the wall of fame (or shame?!) at Fatburger! Come visit me in Vegas and I’ll take you to Fatburger! You can try the XXX!

But later that night – no I wasn’t sick – I had eaters remorse. I felt fine physically – I was surprised too – but I felt so like OH MY GOSH – I ate all of that! What a PIG! I need help! Can you say SICKO? So I’ve been really good since then! My protein shake in the morning, fruit to snack on, NO soda, and small portions (there’s a concept!).

Best of all I have a big picture of the burger on my wall to remind me to NEVER do that again!


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