Ring in the New Year

Okay – so it is a really good thing that I am not paid to blog- or I would have been fired a long time ago!  I can’t even remember when the last time I posted. So I am using my camera as a guide.

The school had an awards ceremony and both Ben and Alex received awards for attendance.

Jack learned to ride a two-wheeler. He was getting really good and then his brothers broke his bike! Typical Cisneros!

Alex made a T-Shirt quilt for a scout project and earned his Wolf patch.

A couple weeks ago my friend April called me with a WONDERFUL surprise. She had tickets to the Las Vegas Bowl. They were amazing seats! 50 yard line, about 15 rows up! Too bad the game was crap! The weather as perfect football weather, the company was great, and the price was perfect! Overall a great night!

Our season started with the usual pre-Christmas errands. But on Christmas Eve we decided to go to the Strip. We saw Mandalay Bay, the Luxor, and Excalibur. They are pretty cool.

Most important was our picture in front of the very famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

We had a frozen, snacky food dinner, played Christmas Bingo, sang along to Christmas songs, read the Christmas Story out of Luke 2, and opened one gift. Then bed time so Santa could come! Of course only one child wrote to Santa, so we told them there was a chance he may not come. Plus the whole week before we keep telling them that we told Santa to bring them cleaning products. We told Ben he was getting paper towels, Alex was getting Lysol wipes. Lincoln was getting toilet bowl cleaner, and Jack a bottle of 409. To which they would reply, “No! We want an XBox 360!”

Of course Art and I thought it would be really funny to put big red bows the cleaning products and put them under the tree from Santa – exactly as described.

The boys didn’t think it was as funny! They were bawling their eyes out, yelling about what a jerk Santa was, and how they got ripped off! It was both sad and funny at the same time. I actually felt really bad about it. I was expecting them to say, “Okay – where’s the real stuff!”  That didn’t happen. Oh well – it turned 0ut to be a good lesson on what Christmas is really about. But to quote my Dad, “Do you put baby kittens in microwaves too?” I think it will provide for a funny holiday memory in years to come 🙂

Amazingly a Christmas Miracle  happened! A gaming system entered the Cisneros house. That’s right – Santa brought an XBox 360 with Kinect. The Kinect was the selling point- it is really cool!

I have only threatened to sell the thing 3 times – so not too bad I guess.

The other gifts seem to pale in comparison to the XBox – but they also got some toys from each other, a book each, a movie each, and some new t-shirts each. Each boy got a mini-marshmellow gun and on Sunday had an all out war! I think we all had a nice holiday.  Art got a new phone and Season 1 of True Blood and a movie. I got shoes, and a few books. We had our traditional scones for breakfast and a simple ham dinner and then played the day away.

Obviously my children have not wanted to  leave the house since Christmas Day. We did manage to leave  to go see Megamind with the gift cards from Grandma and Grandpa! It was a really good movie. Then we went to the mall t0 see if there were any great deals on used Kinect games – no such luck! So if you want to send me a New Year’s gift – a Kinect game would be much appreciated! 🙂

Last night was our church New Year’s Eve Party! We were really rocking out! It was a lot of fun though! It was a dance! We watched the ball drop in NY, had a balloon drop, noise makers, and poppers. I kissed each of my boys happy new year! Plus, we went to NY Pizza for dinner! LOVE THAT PLACE! Come visit and we’ll eat our way across Local’s Vegas! Yes my life does revolve around FOOD!

Today is BOWL day! No not, New Year’s Day – Bowl Day 2011! That sounds so futuristic! Wishing you all a wonderful year! Hope 2010 was as great for you and yours as it was for us!

Love ya all! Come visit when you can!


One response to “Ring in the New Year

  1. Hey Rabecca!
    I have been reading your blog.. link from your mom. Of course I think your boys are wonderful.. reminded me of some of the adventures of John, Jason, Ryan, Paul and Casey!! So you need some Kinect games?.. well, Uncle David and I would love to send one to you. What would the boys like? Send me an email.. lgrow@surewest.net.
    Aunt Linda

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