Vegas’ BEST secret

WOW! So I totally thought Vegas and its surrounding area was all desert. UHM No! Mountains – beautiful mountains! Welcome to Mt. Charleston!

And if that is not enough – there are WATERFALLS!! More than one – although we only hiked to one – the small falls!

And if that is not enough it was 28 degrees cooler!  NOT EXAGGERATING! And its only 25 mins away!

Temp as we left Mt. Charleston (it was 77 like 10 secs before I took this)Temp as we left N Las Vegas heading for home!

The cool weather made for an awesome adventure outdoors! We hiked (poor art had to sit out) and we had a picnic and the boys found a climbing hill.

We even ran into – almost literally – a group of wild burros! While we were at the waterfall another family told us about a cool water/dinosaur park with a 3 story slide. It was on the way home so we stopped and bathed the boys!