Survived the 1st year!

Not officially that is – officially we moved to Las Vegas on August 17th 2010 – so we are shy one month! But a lot has happened and this has been a first for many things in our life.

Totally random photo of Lincoln and Jack

Most notably was homeschooling. We started the year with the top 3 boys at Utah Virtual Academy using  k12 and Jack being in the way. In October, Ben hated it so much he begged and pleaded for me to let him be “normal” – which to him meant go to a neighborhood school that you wear regular clothes to. I caved on the condition that Alex go too. Alex went and was ok with it. Well, by the end of the 2nd trimester, Ben was miserable and it was affecting everything and everybody. I agreed to take him back. Alex, of course, bring Mr. Social  Butterfly was the Kingpin of 4th grade and begged to NOT come home. So we ended up with Ben doing, as he calls it, Mom’s Academy for Boys schooling, Alex at the district school, Lincoln at Utah Virtual Academy doing k12, and Jack still in the way 🙂 Jack has his heart set on going to school with Alex next year, and I think I will let him. So next year two will be home and two will be at the district school. I personally have really enjoyed the  program and after we really got in the groove it is way faster, way better opportunities, and we do a lot more  – like sculpt hippos and make doughnuts.

But that is what is beautiful about Parental Choice!!!!


The little blue thing is Linc's hippo

Alex did end the year with 2 trophies, a medal, and a paper award! He is  a Great Nevadan, learned 1000 Dolch words, read 25 hours, and was 4th grade boy PE student of the trimester. Another first is with Alex only – he got his glasses – but now he got braces! He gets all the accessories! He has black bands. They are only on the front, but they are pain enough. He has had to change what and how he eats. They fit him though!

This year was also my first time being a stay-at-home Mom with all four kids at home and not being involved in some type of outside “thing” (ie school, work, setting up a charter school, etc.). As a result  I am fine tuning my homemaking skills. I hung a clothes line and am line drying my clothes for the first time in my life! I love they way they feel and smell and it is way faster.

I was so giddy about the whole thing I HAD to take a picture

As for being a full time homemaker, on one hand it is really cool and I love it. On the other I feel very isolated from the rest of the world. I keep saying I am gonna start a book club – but my heart is just not in it right now.

Art has finished his first year of Grad School. He had a great first year. His internship place even offered him a job. A very low paying job with lots of hours, but a job none-the-less 🙂 He earned 3 As and 2Bs.  He is off until the end of August. He did get his practicum for next year. I think it will be PERFECT! It is a clinical position with Harmony Mental Health and they treat EVERYTHING – so he will get lots of exposure to lots of things!

Living in this small of quarters has also been a first. Even our little apartments in CA weren’t this small and we had half the people. Or maybe they were this small but since we had 1/2 people they felt bigger?!  But it is okay! We are having fun in spite of it! And the boys can be outside most days so it is only crowded at meal times 😉 Well that is true when it is not 105 degrees – another first! It gets hot in Utah and CA – but NOT like here! We set up a sprinkler that hangs over the carportand the boys play in the water like crazies! It really is a lot of fun!

Blurry cause they wont stop running!

As many of you know I went to UT by myself for 6 weeks. That was fun and lonely at the same time. I am grateful to my friends who helped me with work and also with play!!! 🙂

My boys drove up to pick me up and we had a fun mini-vacation. Ate at Mongolian, One Man Band, Texas Roadhouse, Crown Burger, Gma and Gpa took us all to Cow-a-bunga bay. Tons of fun and a nasty sunburn! Boys got to go to Pizza Pie Cafe and to see Pirate’s 4 with Gma and play with cousins. Mom made scones! Art and I got some alone time 🙂

We had a big family party and played baseball and basketball and had Art’s famous tacos. We left Saturday afternoon and had a relaxing drive home. It was nice to come home. I had a great time in UT – but it wasn’t my life. I am glad I got to go and it was worth the trip. I did feel like  coming home to NV was coming home. I like my little house and I really enjoy my church. I missed that actually.

I went to a quilting bee today at church and had a ton of fun! We even had the full-time missionaries quilting with us. I wish I was better at taking photos – but I am usually too involved in the moment to stop and take pics.

Tomorrow night is another first – Rain Gutter Regatta at Scouts. I will take pics of that and eventually get it posted.  AND we have two birthdays next month. So pics for that of course. Love to you all!















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