Beautiful Days

Greetings All! 

We have had a busy couple of weeks full of fun! And lots of just work (haircuts, housework, school, and the rest of just life!) Only photographed and shared the fun!

Last week the boys and I went with the Primary group (children’s church) to visit the Las Vegas Temple. If you are Vegas – it is worth the drive – amazing grounds and the view is AWESOME!
They even got to go inside to the foyer and the atrium,  the Temple President and Matron spoke to the kids!

This is inside the atrium inside the temple – Jack is looking at a book of pictures from inside the temple of lots of different temples.

It was a wonderful day.

I just loved this photo – Jack walked away and just sat there on the step.
The theme was “When you touch the temple, it touches you.” Ben being too cool! He sure is handsome though!


Couldn’t get Lincoln into the “touch the temple” spirit
Jack almost smiling – Alex went with the other group – so I couldn’t get his picture

Not raisin' the roof! Alex wanted me to look like I was holding up the temple - didn't work!


My brother came down to visit and fix my car! YEAH ANDREW! He saved me hundreds of dollars! Love you bro!

Easter was really nice. Every night last week we read what the Savior did on that day. Saturday the Easter Bunny comes. He brought the boys candy (of course) and a mini bottle of Martinelli’s for Easter Dinner. They LOVED that! Forgot to take pics – I am really bad about that!

Easter Sunday I spoke in Sacrament Meeting, taught the Gospel doctrine class, and Alex gave a talk in Primary. Nice dinner – relaxing! It was a really nice holiday. I am putting together an Easter Book (like my Christmas one) because Pres. Hinckley said, “Without Easter there would be no Christmas.” If you would like a copy, I will be happy to email you the text and then you can assemble it to use next year. It will have the day, the scripture to read, a poem or story, a song, and the picture to display. By the end of the week you will have the savior’s last week visually displayed in your house.

We went on an art field trip at a library on the other side of town. A lady in our ward is an amazing photographer. She has some of her images displayed in the libraries gallery. She took the boys around to each photo and explained how she got that shot.

Ben with Diane Peterson looking at one of her photographs


This was the boy's favorite - it is really cool That white stripe is sand


Monkey see, Monkey do

She gave each of the boys a photo card with a picture she had taken. Then we got Ben a library card for him to be able to sign off a Weblos requirement.

Last night was the Pine Wood Derby! Ben made a Papa Ben’s car.

Papa Ben's Pizza Mobile


Ben's last derby

Alex made a car based on his FAVORITE article of clothing – his Atlanta Falcon’s jersey.

33 in the number on his jersey


He had his game face on

Lincoln made his car (just for fun) ALL BY HIMSELF! He did an amazing job and was so focused! It was awesome to see him so excited about a project!

He is very creative!

I was just sad he didn’t get to go and race it….he threw up like half hour before we left.

He even found that number one house number outside and realized it would work great on his car

Ben’s car took second in his heat – but the bummer part was he only lost by .005 seconds! That’s worse than coming in last! He was 2nd, 1st, 1st, and then 2nd. and that was the difference! But all the boys were cheering PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA – so Ben was in heaven.

The scout leader made a really big event for the boys - it was cool!Ben's last year was a good year


Alex didn’t do so good – but he had fun and that is of course what it is about! 🙂

29 out of 32 - is better than 32 out of 32!

Saturday we are going to Boulder City to walk the trails that go along the old railroad lines and through the old tunnels and stuff like that. Think it will be cool! Will take pics for sure!


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