My BABY is 5!!!

Jackson is 5!

This can’t be happening! I realize that 5 is not old and those of you out there with 20 year olds etc are scoffing – but hear me out. 5 is the first real milestone, right – off to school and all that – and now my youngest has hit that milestone. That is a big ‘ole punch to the gut. Of course as I homeschool it’s not exactly the same – since I am not sending him off to the big bad world and I now have the whole house to myself – wait remind me why I am not doing that again?! JK I love being with them 😉 But still – to think that your little-est is no longer “that” little! Of course age is relative – when Ben turned 5 I thought he was old. Now my baby is still so young! I think I get it right with the 2 in the middle!

We had TOO much fun for his birthday! Started in Utah – he got spoiled there! Gma and Gpa gave him $30. Uncle Andrew and Aunt Angela got him really cool legos. Aunt Christy and Uncle Will gave him a batman lego party, a talking batman card, and a cool batman lego thing toy. Primary gave him a magnifying glass :). With his money he bought a toy bike, a 12 piece action figure pack, a star wars guy, and a bubble wand/light saber. He and I put his lego thing together – that is way harder than it should be 🙂

Tuesday was presents from Mom and Dad and brothers, doughnuts, animal planet, XBox, Costco to sample food, and Pizza Hut for dinner. I think a fun and full day for my little guy.


Conversation about Costco:

Me: “Jack we have to go to Costco tomorrow or we won’t have food for dinner.”

Jack: “No! It’s my day and I want Pizza.”

Me: “I know we will, but we have to get food for the other days. And because it is your birthday I will let you get a treat from every food stand in the store.”

**You have to know I NEVER let my kids get the food from the stands. In fact I usually make rude comments to the people who clog up the aisles waiting for a piece of frozen burrito!! So this was a big deal offer**

At Costco:

Jack: As pointing to a fish sample, “Can I have that?”

Me: “Yes, of course.”

Jack: As pointing to Texas Caviar, “Can I have that?”

Me: “Absolutly!”

Jack: As pointing to a coffee drink, “Can I have that?”

Me: “No, that’s coffee.”

Jack: “What!? You said I could try EVERY – THING!” 

Jack is such a delight. He is happy and funny and brings so much joy into our home. I am so blessed to be his Mommy. I love you Jackie-boy!


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