I’ve lost my mind – and hopefully my butt too!!

 My sister – who is 6 mos pregnant I might add – talked me into running a marathon. I know CRAZY! But obviously not anytime soon- we will be running it in Nov. 2012. Well that is the plan at least! We are starting out with a 5k and will work our way up until we are ready to run further than any human really should! My hope is that somewhere along the way I will lose my butt! I am going to track my  progress here. Please cheer me on! I am also going to be working with a personal trainer and wellness coach – for trade of babysitting! yippee! 

I will NOT state my starting weight – suffice it to say it is too much! But I do plan to report my weekly change. So stay tuned! (If you at all care that it). Why would I agree to this craziness – WELL it all started because-  

I was visiting with my sister Jennefer (who lives in CA) because my brother got married and he had a wedding open house this past weekend. So I have another sister – Kelly.

My brother Robert, his wife Kelly and I at their wedding


It was a really nice night and they had a nice turnout. I helped my Mom get things ready. It also served as a really good excuse for a mini-vacation to Utah. We drove up to Utah last Friday – in Art’s truck!

We totally were "breakin' the law" by having all 4 in the back - oh well!

 We stopped at our favorite Mongolian rest in Springville. Saturday I was able to attend my friend Darlene’s bridal luncheon. I bought her zebra stripped panties for the wedding night! :)I made her open it in front of everyone! It was fun to see lots of friends there. I also got to visit with my friend Rebecca Glather. That night was my brother’s wedding open house.

My buddies Darlene and Rebecca - I wish I had a pic of the zebra!

Sunday Art had to leave to get back to “real” life. We went to church in Cedar Hills. After the WHOLE family celebrated b.days – of course if you ask Jack it was HIS day!!! My sister put in SO much work making it a fun and wonderful night! Lots of laughing and playing and eating!!

Go Tyler! Hula Hooping was the hit of the night!

My dorky funny nephew Jacob - his pants were sagging so I helped him with them

Wii Boxing is HARDER than it looks! Go Christy!

I was able to Hula Hoop around my neck for 2 1/2 minutes! 0 sec on my waist!

Get Back Lorretta here comes Lincoln the Bruiser

Monday we slept in! It was nice to just lounge and visit and do really nothing! At about 6:30 my Mom picked us up and took us to Zuppas  for dinner. It was really good. I had never been there before. The soup was great – especially as it was snowing and I was in capris, a tank with a light cardigan over it and ballet flats. I was so cold! How quickly we forget!!! 🙂 My sister went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable and fun! She is an amazing women, sister, aunt, and friend!!!! Thanks Christy – I love you!

Tuesday – we lolly gagged again and it was wonderful! The boys got Recess Puffs for breakfast! ONLY AT G-MA’S! Then we went to the mall, ran some other errands and G-Ma bought us lunch at Sonic. Boys played outside. My parents, my sister Christy and bro Will, and I went to Texas Roadhouse. Can you believe they do not have one in Vegas! I so wanted the roles – that is about all I ate. They were SO good!


Came home and  watched Tangled! Loved it!

Wednesday – was AF Pool day! The boys had only three requests for the whole trip and they were all met on Wednesday. They wanted scones from G-Ma for breakfast- check. They wanted to go to the pool – check. They wanted Pizza Pie Cafe – check. Talk about the BEST day ever.

My little boys are growing up too fast!

The bigger two were bummed the diving board was closed

The pretty much had the whole pool to themselves

They "swam" for over 3 hours!

Love the indoor pool and slide!

And to top it off they got Baskin Robbins with Aunt Christy at night. And as things couldn’t get ANY better – Uncle Robert and Aunt Kelly brought them a new Kinect game!

Thursday – I got to visit some of the students in my first “real” class. They are all so grown up now! It was fun to visit with my Odyssey Friends. I miss you all! While I was there the two older boys got to go golfing with G-pa and the two younger got to go to lunch with Aunt Christy who also bought them skinny jeans and vans! They’d died and gone to heaven! I told you she is amazing! Then we all met at the movies to see Roderick Rules! Pretty cute movie actually. I can’t remember for the life of me what we did Thursday night. Hum?

Friday we drove home. It was a nice and easy drive – mostly cause I was a passenger! Thank you Mom and Dad!

Of course we had to do Alex's hair up for the drive 🙂

It was a super fun week! Mostly due to great parents and awesome brothers and sisters who I am proud to say are also my friends!


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