Happy Heart Day (and a few other things too)! I love you all!

My aunt Linda sent us Kinect Sports. We have had SO much fun playing. I love the ping-pong! We played party play for Family Fun night and had so much fun! I highly recommend it!!

Ben and Alex boxing each other

Lincoln and Jackson boxing each other - the favorite activity

We even used the Kinect Sports to have a pentathlon during our Olympics lesson. We did long jump, discus, javelin, a foot race, and boxing.

Ben and Art made a cake for the Cub Scout Father Son Cake Bake Night – it was chocolate and so yummy. They did a great job. Ben decided he loved making cakes and has become quite the baker.

Go Utes! Go Ben!

We had a low key – but fun none-the-less V-Day. Hope you all had a great day too!

We started the day by making Baklava. Lincoln just finished his unit on Ancient Greece and so we decided to make the Greek treat. It was “nut-free” baklava – which made it a bit different. Not because of any health issues or anything like that – only because I was too cheap to pay $8.00 for nuts! To me that is just ridiculous!!!!! Lincoln did a great job.

Lincoln's Baklava

As the sauce was cooking, we made paper heart valentines for his doctors. We go to the clinic every week and so we know the gals there pretty well. So he made a heart for each of them. It was really cute. He also took each of them a piece of his baklava.

For dinner we had all pink and red (except the green beans – cuz I didn’t know how to make those red). We had pink pasta with red sauce. Rolls with red polka-dots. Pink love potion to drink and a cherry Danish roll thing for dessert (brought over from our next door neighbor Wayne as a treat). We had red, pink, and purple placemats (construction paper) with love notes on them.

Happy V-Day Dinner

"Love Juice" - The boys got red 7up - Mom had pink Milk 🙂

Each boy got the traditional V-Day stuffie (our word for stuffed animal).

Stuffie No. 1 - Was supposed to be Alex's but he threw a fit that he didnt get a sock monkey - REALLY! So now it is MINE!

Lincoln with his dog - today his name is Mr. Fluffy Dog

Jack with his Prison Sock Monkey

Ben smiling like his sock monkey

And Gma and Gpa sent them $5 each and a card. Jack is so funny he kept wanting to feel the money and told EVERYONE that he had a 5 dollar bill. We went to Wal-Mart today so Linc and Jack could spend their VDay money.

Jack got a pack of water guns, sidewalk chalk, and a box of nerds.

Jack bought 8 water guns and spent all afternoon in a water gun fight - with many, many reloading sessions as seen here

Lincoln bought 2 more stuffies and a pack of gum. He wanted to save his last dollar.

Lincoln with all 3 of his Vday stuffies - one from mom the other 2 from gma

Art and I agreed to not do anything for each other – we didn’t forgot about each other- I made him a card and he sent me a text. Totally romantic I know!   

We love holidays around here – big or small and had a lot of fun celebrating our love for each other. It is nice to have a day to help us remember to show our love!

P.S. It was 69 degrees in Las Vegas today!! Loving it!


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