Fun Visit with Family

My oldest sister, Christy, and her husband Will, and her daughter Kari came to visit this weekend. We had a blast! We drove down to Primm, NV. I highly recommend it. It has one of the tallest rollercoasters. This coaster has  a 250 foot drop, last 2 1/2 minutes, and goes 85 miles per hour. This picture of Ben’s hair when he got off the ride!

This is what 85 mph does to your hair!

We played in the arcade, bought prizes with the tickets, watched the Steeler game, ate snacks, and had fun!

Dance, Dance

We are starting them young!

Lincoln and Jack were too small for the rollercoaster so we got them an unlimited pass to ride the Frog Jumper.

They rode this again and again and again!

 They rode it for HOURS! Up and Down – up and down. Jack even got a little girlfriend on the ride.

Jack the PLAYA

Poor Ben got sick! He looked as awful as he felt.

We went to the Outlet Mall – would love to have a $5000 shopping card there! Jack turned out to be quite the shopper!

This is the jacket he modeled for us

He kept picking out clothes for everyone…

Ben got really sick, so we took him home and put him to bed. Sunday, the Knott’s were supposed to come o church with us and over for dinner but they all got sick too. So Sunday was low-key but I got so much genealogy done today. It is really addicting! Monday afternoon we met at Blueberry Hill for a farewell lunch! We said our goodbyes and away they went. Was a fun visit! Thanks Knotts for the SUPER FUN time! Love ya ll tons!


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