A little behind the power curve

I was going to do a Thanksgiving post, but as it is now Dec. I thought it would be a tad late – so this is a holiday wrap up  post – and a looking ahead post!

My beautiful golden turkey!

Nothing hugely eventful happened before Thanksgiving – and even that day was pretty uneventful – which for a holiday is actually rather weird. We stayed in Las Vegas and had a simple, quiet day with just the Cisneros clan. Really didn’t feel like a holiday. Don’t get me wrong – it was nice – and my turkey turned out perfect – which is critical- it was just so quiet! And I had no pie – which is a sin!

Mom taking the XXX challenge

Grandma and Grandpa came down on Friday. The boys were so excited to see Gram and Gramps! We took them to Fatburger and Grandma conquered the XXX Challenge as well! See I told you eating was in my genes!

We toured them around Vegas, crossed the strip, took ’em up to the Temple, and then the MOST exciting of all things – we went to Walmart! We are living large! It was actually fun to just visit.

Hanging out in Santa's chair

One of the MANY cacti displays

Having fun at Ethel M's

Boys with G&G at Ethel M's

Came back home and watched TV and talked til the wee hours. Tried to sleep in the school room on the floor – maybe got like 2 hours – so I was a zombie the next day. Grandma made scones for the boys for breakfast – that is grandma to them. I will forever associate chocolate chip cookies with my g-ma- my boys will always connect scones and gma! We drove down to Henderson and toured the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden. Pretty cool – YUMMY chocolate – but you will never guess what the M stands for —-Mars. As in the Mars Chocolate company. One in the same. Ethel is the Mom’s name and is the high end chocolate arm of the Mars Choc company. Learn something new every day!

Sunday I taught my first Gospel Doctrine lesson. Lots of positive feedback. I also taught RS that day, and still good response. I told the hen joke – what you haven’t heard the hen joke-

A farmer has a prize hen. He goes in early in the morning to collect her egg. Instead he finds a nickel. “Weird,” he mumbles to himself. The next morning he goes to get her egg and this time there is a dime. “What is going on!?” he says out loud. The third morning still no egg. This time it is a quarter. “That’s it,” he yells, “I am calling the vet!”   That afternoon the vet comes over. He does a complete exam. “Well, Dr.,” the farmer asks, “what’s wrong with my prize hen?” The good vet replies, “Nothing is wrong with her. She is just going through the change.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Got lots of good laughs! Thanks Dad!

Alex turned nine! WOW! We  had a UNLV birthday.

UNLV Party for Alex

Blowing out the candle on his doughnut

(Unless you are their football team!)

Ate at an Asian Buffet – saw “Asian Hot Pinker Hooker Barbie” only in Vegas  – HAD to photograph!

Her hair (imagine black hair dyed blonde colored pink), sweater, tank, mini skrt, leggings, and spiked heel boots were all hot pink - her bag was gold n pink and she has a big gold belt on - it was a sight to be seen!

Saw a movie at this really nice dollar theater! And just basically had FUN! I hope Alex had a great day!

Enjoying about 15 plates of Asian food

Got my Christmas decor up inside – still need to work on the outside – but wow – there is just always something else going on! I am sure I will have my lights on before Christmas Eve (I think) – I may even get cards out this year! If not – Merry Christmas – Love the Cisneros Clan.

King Art n the Princes

Vegas is being good to us all! Miss you all and wish you tons of love!

Life is flying by! Art has finished  up his first semester. Time needs to hold still just  little bit! Looking forward to a fun – sun filled Holiday!


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