Disney was so much fun!

Got up early and spent ALL day playing at Disney with cousins!




So excited for Disney



Breakfast before Disney


Jungle Cruise

Too cool for Disney

Just rode Indiana Jones!

Fun on the carousel

Nope - not the next king - bummer

When I see an elephant fly - with 4 boys on his back

Just having fun!

Toon Town

Watch out that's Ben behind the wheel

Halloween Time at Disney

Tower of Terror is my FAVORITE

Mullholland Drive was Jack's fav


On the jungle cruise

Jungle cruise

My sis and I

Drove to Ontario at Midnight, stayed over. Boys at breakfast and then swam for 2 hours. Quick drive home!


It was a fast trip and very exhausting, but so much fun! The boys loved being with their cousins. I am glad we had the chance to spend time together.


2 responses to “M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

  1. looks like there were smiles all around. glad you guys could have such a memorable time. Truly…wish I was there. Sigh. Love to all

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