Had a WONDERFUL birthday after all!

First, a BIG thank you. My sweet facebook friends. It was so fun to have my phone buzz me all day with birthday wishes!!! Thank you for the cards and phone calls too!

I started the day with hand-made cards from my boys – they (my kids) are so cute.

Then we got dressed and drove to the Krispy Kreme. The boys loved watching how they made the doughnuts. We got our traditional choc milk chuggers from Walmart to go along with the fat and grease. Yummy! We took all that to the park (to try to minimize the heart-related damage) and had a doughnut picnic! It was pretty fun actually!

We stayed and played for a while. . .

. . . til restroom needs called – which was fine because we were close to home. We picked up our overdue library book – Cirque de freak – which is highly recommend – and went to drop it off. We spent an hour or so at the library before stopping off at Lil Caesars Pizza for lunch.

The boys went outside to play while we waited for Art to get home. I read some, cleaned some, and just put-zed around.

I wanted pie for my birthday treat so we went to Marie Callenders. It was actually really good!

And boy did I have pie. I had pecan pie there. I had lemon meringue at home on Friday for breakfast. I had banana creme for dessert. And I had custard today for breakfast. Can you say HOLY PIE! I love my pie!

After dinner we just came home and finished off the night as usual. But Friday I celebrated by taking the day off! I got up when I wanted. I went to the temple. I went shopping BY MY SELF! I came home when I felt like it! WHO-HOO! Living large I know! It was the first time since we moved here that I have been with out my kids! It was weird – but it was a much-needed break!

The fun keeps going though – cause tomorrow we hit the road for L.A.! I am hooking up with my big sis and her sweet lil girls to surprise the boys with a trip to Disney – thanks to their wonderful Aunt!!! And then to take them to the beach before heading home to resume “real” life.

It was a nice birthday. Thanks again for all the well wishes! Will update you with Disney photos as they become available!



One response to “Had a WONDERFUL birthday after all!

  1. Glad Dinseyland was a blast. You deserve it! Miss you and hope you have a great time for the rest of the month.Hope to see ya around Christmas. It just isnt the same around here without you! Kiss my boys for me! Love you all.

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