Happy Birthday to Me

It is my birthday.

I am having a birthday – shout hur-ray! I’m gonna sing to me today! I’m one year older, how can that be? Happy Birthday, to me! No, I will not post my age!

Pretty Close to How I feel

Excuse my pity party – it may be the only party I get! At 1:00 in the morning of another insomnia night – I am entitled to feel sorry for myself. All alone in Las Vegas – no friends – Art gone, boys have school, we’re poor. This is gonna be one heck of a b.day! At least I kept the decorations up from Art’s birthday! Well in spite of that I am gonna have a great day! I am gonna take my boys and get Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast! Then I am gonna go to the library. We are gonna go to a park and have a picnic. I am gonna take current pics of my boys and maybe have them take one of me 😦  – I may even go out to dinner ! I am gonna drink ALL the soda I want – all day long! We are doing NO school tomorrow and UTVA can just deal! So HAPPY DAY to me!


One response to “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. I am SOOOOOOOOO sorry I didnt call or anything. I am a loser and I am very very sorry! I am so glad your day went better than you thought. I will be getting your gift in the mail this week. We have just been sooo busy trying to go to Jamaica we ran outta time. But we were thinking of you all day.

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