Happy Birthday to My Sweetie

Art is getting so old – unlike me! He is 42!

He doesn't look a day over 41!

Well officially tomorrow – which is only 15 min from now – so close enough – but we celebrated today!  Even though I was the queen slacker! We have this tradition of having doughnuts for breakfast and singing and opening gifts on the birthday morning. So last night I just couldn’t fall asleep. It was well after 2 the last time I checked the clock. But then at 7:30 I hear my kids fighting – bug surprise there – so I got up and decorated. I was still so tired and Art was still in bed so I went back to bed thinking he would wake me up when he got up. NO! He thought I was up so he left the room. The boys thought I had gone to get doughnuts – not back to bed. So everyone thinks I am gone. About an hour goes by and I am not back so Art gets a little worried. He goes to call me and sees my phone and wallet still home. Asks the boys if they actually saw me leave – well of course not cause I didn’t! So then I guess some more time passes and everyone is complaining of being hungry. So Art went and got his own doughnuts while I am passed out. Finally at about 12 (yes noon hey don’t judge me!) I decide I better go get doughnuts. I get up, get dressed, take care of some hygiene items and go out to save the day and be a good wife. Too late – Art shows up about 5 mins later with his doughnuts and choc milk. Oh well! Happy birthday!


Traditional Doughnut Breakfast

So then we went back to bed- no I am not kidding! We were tired and it was one of Art’s birthday requests. When we got up – oh I guess about 4:30 we got ready and went to Claim Jumpers for dinner. We had never been there and Art wanted a big steak. It was a nice dinner. A bit spendy but good and Art got an ice cream and a cupcake for dessert.

A couple of treats for someone who doesn't like sweets?!

Then we REALLY got wild and went to the Walmart. We had to exchange the stuff we bought that was a bit snug (all that ice cream) – but it worked out good as he ended up with more for the same money. Rented a redbox – whoohoo- and came home, put the kiddos to bed- watched our movie in quiet – that may have been the best part of the day. Now back to life as he finishes up stuff for mid-terms and I update you! Tomorrow would be equally as relaxing – sleep in, conference, dinner, b.day cake, and of course a nap!


One response to “Happy Birthday to My Sweetie

  1. 4:30??????? Really. Art I can see but U????? Man, I’m jealous.
    Happy B’day to the OLD MAN. All of my sons-in-laws are in their 40s… Whoa. What does that say about my daughters? Miss you all but glad you are happy.

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