Homeschooling Rocks!

I know – I know – as I teacher I am supposed to oppose all forms of schooling other than dropping your kids off at an instituion of  learning. Well POO on that! I am homeschooling and after a somewhat stressful start – I AM LOVING IT! Can’t say that enough! The other day we walked to the park for PE. We did a Par Course together and the boys smoked me! Nothing like a chin up bar to remind you just how fat and out of shape you really are! We turned the kitchen into a science lab and learned about states of matter, saturation, and the ocean floor. The boys are learning Latin and loving it! Jack even gets in on the action! I would be lying if I didn’t say it was hard! It is – but it is also SO much fun! And my boys are better friends than ever! Although they did admit they wanted to go back to Odyssey – but just for their friends! I have joined two homeschool groups (homeschooling is HUGE in Vegas – what does that tell you) and we played Flag Football yesterday. Life is crazy and there is no time for anything – but so what! We are having fun! And NO I will not post pictures of me on a chin-up bar!


2 responses to “Homeschooling Rocks!

  1. I love homeschooling Sophie. It is so much fun. It takes up so much time but it is a great experience for our whole family. I can’t imagine doing it any other way!

  2. Obviously we should all know how I feel about homeschooling… you guys are just COPY CATTERS! 😛 JUST KIDDING! I am so glad you both get the wonderful blessing to be the primary educational facilitator to your children. I would not trade those years of blood, sweat, and tears for ANYTHING in the world! As I reflect back on those years I am grateful to have not wasted a single second on the ME time parent say they need while their kids are in a state institution. 🙂 LOL! Seriously, time flies when your home schooling!

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