Updates to Life

Here are some pics and updates!

My oldest turned 10

Ben has been claiming he was 10 for a while now – but in August it became true!

Lincoln turned 6!

Also in August Lincoln turned 6. This time of year my kids ages go by 2’s (10, 8, 6, 4) but only for like Aug-Nov.

This is the cake my mom and I made for Lincoln’s army b.day party. I think it turned out really cute.

Linc's 6th b.day cake

Then we moved to Vegas! Below are some pics of our first home in lovely Sin City! We stayed at a pretty nice extended stay hotel. It got a bit cramped  (and spendy) after a month.

Free cable was nice - well not free but included!

A beautiful Vegas summer night - the only time you can go outside 🙂 A view from our lovely home!

Our first Vegas address - so glad to be in a house

The best thing about the hotel was having the pool for the boys to play and me to try to get a tan – sadly that part never did work out! I am still white as ever!

 All the fun did eventually have to come to an end and real life started – with a yucky move! We jammed that truck so tight we couldn’t have got a nat in the back! And I still have stuff in Utah – I need another garage sale I guess.

Thanks to my Daddy and Mom (not pictured) for helping me Couldn’t have done it without you guys! Stopped by OCS on moving day and felt like a celebrity! It was so much fun to see all my kiddos!

But all fun things must come to an end and so the move and drive and move happened. But I am happy with how my little (it is pretty small- but will work for 2 years) house turned out . . .

My living room - right as you walk in the front door

The eat-in kitchen right off the living room

I think I might have Leslie tied for house size now - just enough space for doors to open

All 4 boys in one room - thank heavens for bunkbeds!

Our school room and Art's study room

So that is basically the house – I mean of course we have bathrooms – 2 yippeeeeeeee! And my room is good sized – with awesome 10 foot tall mirrored closet doors! WHOO-HOOO!

Well that is about it for now! We are happy, healthy, and moving forward! I will update this as I go! Miss you all!


5 responses to “Updates to Life

  1. Love the pics! It was so great to see you. Still miss ya. We were at a boutique today and saw some shoes that “ms. cisneros would love”. Glad you are getting used to it and happy. Let me know how the home schooling goes.

  2. Well, your LR looks great! And I love the way your dining room table blends in with your cabinet-surround. Latest thing in eating experiences. Hope the experience lasts 2 years cause we don’t want to move you again! 🙂

    Lots of love flowing down your way. Miss you alread. Had a situation yesterday and said, “Wish Beck was here. She’d know.” Oh well, something you’d have to see… Love MOM

  3. Hey, looks good, after having a large house i think small is better easier to clean and keep up. Hope all is well down in sin city and you never know may have to stop by to visit. luv ya and miss you, tell Art we say hi.Val

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