Viva Las Vegas

Can I just tell you how much I hate moving! But it is almost done! WHEW! So much has happened this past month. I am homeschooling the boys – which has proved to be a lot more work than I thought – but we will hang in and I am sure it will be great. We rented a house cause the buying this didn’t work out and I am totally ok with it. Although it is more expensive to rent, we ended up with nice house on a nice street. It is a bit smaller than I’d like – but it will work. I actually am really enjoying it now that I have my stuff in it. I take pics after I have it finished. Art is liking school and doing well so far. He got to go down into the homeless tunnels last week to look for vets to help. The other day at a street corner we got to watch a homeless  man dig around inside his too large of pants for his (I think) too large underwear that fell down his pants – and then finished off with a deep butt crack dig. It was lovely! Another day we almost hit a drunk guy who dropped his bottle and then staggered off the sidewalk to pick it up. Art watched two old men get in a fist fight over a match. Always something to see! But overall things are good. The people here are really very nice. Very friendly. No road rage (seriously!) and lots of good food- which we all know is a priority!  Come visit if you can!


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